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I have a query like this where I want to display sorted records in a paginated format.

This is my query.

SELECT * FROM answers
WHERE userid = '10'
ORDER BY votes LIMIT 10, 20

The two arguments to LIMIT will be used for generating page-by-page display of records. Now, my problem is ORDER BY. How does MySQL execute this query?

1st way

  • Select the records according to filters
  • Sort them
  • Limit them

2nd way

  • Select the records according to filters
  • Limit them
  • Sort them

If I think like MySQL engine, I would want to implement 2nd, since I would then have to sort lesser records?

Can somebody throw some light on this?


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A SQL LIMIT will in all databases always work on the result of a query, so it will run the query with the ORDER BY and that result will then be limited. This is a functional requirement, the database not perse needs to execute it like that.

Thus the 1st way.

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That proves I need practice thinking like MySQL :) –  vikkun Oct 13 '10 at 3:55

Mysql follows the 1st way.

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The 1st way as mentioned by the last two answers. From a user perspective, the 2nd way won't be very useful anyways.

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