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I tried the HelloWorld android application and when I try to launch it I get problem: An internal error occurred during: "Launching HelloAndroid".


There are no errors in the code: Console display:

[2010-10-13 07:27:52 - HelloAndroid] ------------------------------
[2010-10-13 07:27:52 - HelloAndroid] Android Launch!
[2010-10-13 07:27:52 - HelloAndroid] adb is running normally.

How do I start the application?


  • Linux Kaziwai 2.6.32-21-generic #32-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 16 08:10:02 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux
  • Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers
  • Version: Helios Service Release 1
  • Build id: 20100917-0705
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