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I have a list of words in an array. I need to look for matches on a string for any of those words.

Example word list


Example string

Executives are running the company

Here's the function I've written but it's not working

$matches = array();
$pattern = "/^(";
foreach( $word_list as $word )
    $pattern .= preg_quote( $word ) . '|';

$pattern = substr( $pattern, 0, -1 ); // removes last |
$pattern .= ")/";

$num_found = preg_match_all( $pattern, $string, $matches );

echo $num_found;


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What output do you expect for this example? –  Gumbo Oct 13 '10 at 6:20

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$regex = '(' . implode('|', $words) . ')';
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If you don't have control over the words, you should probably array_map() them through preg_quote(). –  alex Oct 13 '10 at 6:18
@alex But that would be TWO lines. –  amphetamachine Nov 1 '10 at 3:45
I think two lines is a small price to pay to make it compatible with any user inputted string :P –  alex Nov 1 '10 at 6:07
@alex Not if you're using Perl. –  amphetamachine Nov 1 '10 at 9:25
The question is tagged [php] though? –  alex Nov 1 '10 at 9:33

$words_list = array('company', 'executive', 'files', 'resource');
$string = 'Executives are running the company';

foreach ($words_list as &$word) $word = preg_quote($word, '/');

$num_found = preg_match_all('/('.join('|', $words_list).')/i', $string, $matches);
echo $num_found; // 2
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Make sure you add the 'm' flag to make the ^ match the beginning of a line:

$expression = '/foo/m';

Or remove the ^ if you don't mean to match the beginning of a line...

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