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I have this mapping file:

'class name="WebTools.Data.Common.IHObjekt, WebTools.Data" table="IHObjekt"'  
'property name="TYPBEZEICH" type="string"' 
'many-to-one name="standort" column="STANDORT_ID" fetch="join"'  

And I would like to use a 'Projections.ProjectionList()' to reduce the number of returned columns from the query.

I do this:

'ICriteria criteria = Session.CreateCriteria(typeof(Data.Common.IHObjekt));'  
'ProjectionList projectionList = Projections.ProjectionList();'  

And receive this error:

NHibernate.QueryException: could not resolve property: standort.CODE of: WebTools.Data.Common.IHObjekt

I am trying to access a child entity but it appears I can only access the values in my parent class. Like:


Can anyone provide some code that will let me use projection to access an entity in a child class?

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You need to create an alias in order to reference properties of the child entity.

ICriteria criteria = Session.CreateCriteria(typeof(Data.Common.IHObjekt));

criteria.CreateAlias("standort", "s", JoinType.InnerJoin);

ProjectionList projectionList = Projections.ProjectionList();
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