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Every time I build my .NET application with Visual Studio, I got a appname.vchost.exe file along with my appname.exe file. This file doesn't exist when I build with command line commands. So,

  • What is this *.vchost.exe file for?
  • Could someone explain its working mechanism in detail?


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I assume you're talking about the VS hosting process. It is used for

  • Improved Debugging Performance
  • Partial Trust Debugging
  • Design-Time Expression Evaluation

You can turn it off in the project settings. If you want to change the project settings template once and for all please see this question.

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Its a version of the application used by visual studio to allow you to debug your application, if you clean your solution and build in release mode it will not be there.


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It is not necessary in order to debug the application. It is an optimization used for debugging plus a few other things. –  Brian Rasmussen Oct 13 '10 at 7:17
@lain: Thanks for your reply. But I clean my solution and the *.vchost.exe still exist, either Debug or Release. And the size of *.exe and *.vchost.exe differs greatly so I don't think the vchost is just another version of my application. –  smwikipedia Oct 13 '10 at 8:22

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