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I have a php file that I use to print pdf (using FPDF). In this file I have a variable $date and I would like to show this variable $date in the header on each of the pages of my pdf document. That is my variable $date:

global $date;

And this is the class FPDF:

class PDF extends FPDF{

    function setDate($dat){
        $this->header_date = $dat;

    function getDate(){
        return $this->header_date;

    function Header(){
        $this->Write (10, '       Date: '); //1° Write
        $this->Write (10, $this->getDate()); //2° Write NOT WORKING 
    } ...

The problem is that the second $this->Write prints nothing.

I checked that if I call $this->setDate('abcd');, it prints "abcd" ok.

How can I pass this $date variable in my pdf header function?

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I'm not sure because I've not used them in about five years, but don't you have to declare $date as being a global inside the Header() function?

function Header() {
    $date = $GLOBALS['date'];
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Yes, that was :) –  pepersview Oct 13 '10 at 8:35

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