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I have a setup project in VS 2005.

In the UI section I put some textboxes with some variables, that the user should fill-in when installing the application.

alt text
How can I use properties like [VARIABLES] in the fields like the shortcut descriptions?

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Your question came up when I was Googling for a list of properties. Seems like the property stuff on MSDN is a bit hidden in the search engines. Of course it helps if you or I found the right name ("property") rather than "variable".

For future reference, the list can be found here:

This should also get you into the "how to use properties in your installer" help.

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Unfortunately the shortcut description field is not formatted, so it doesn't support installer properties:

A solution is to use a custom action (write your own EXE or DLL) which modifies the shortcut description after installation.

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