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I'm using sIFR on my website and all works like a charm. Now that i'm working on a contactform, i would like to use sIFR for the errormessages. For instance, if someone forgets to fill in a required field and presses the Submit button, the errormessage shows up. The hiding and showing of the errormessages is done by Javascript like so:

if (form.naam.value == "") {
document.getElementById("errorNaam").style.display = 'block';
return false ;

} else { document.getElementById("errorNaam").style.display = 'none'; }

And the HTML snippet:

<div id="errorNaam" class="error"><h7>the errormessage</h7></div>

When i put display:none; in the CSS, the message obviously won't show. After submitting the form, the message pops up on screen, yet without using sIFR. If i delete display:none; from the CSS, the errormessage automatically pops up on screen, with the sIFR.

Maybe sIFR doesn't play well with Javascript?

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Could you report your findings with different browsers. Not all browsers handle display:none the same. When the element is actually removed from the DOM, your sIFR implementation might not be able to "find" the element (as it does not exist) and hence cannot render itself dynamically after the element is shown with display:block – Dennis G Oct 13 '10 at 11:45
For the moment i'm working in firefox 3.6 on OSX. The sIFR works fine in IE7 and IE8 on Windows XP and -Vista. I haven't tried the show/hide div part in other browsers yet, 'cause that part hasn't been uploaded yet (working on XAMPP at the moment). i'm reading something about not hide the divs, but put them outside the window using a negative position, but i'm not totally sure this is valid html. it's worth a try i suppose. – Jeff Oct 13 '10 at 12:21
After some trial and error i think i've got it working. In the Javascript used for hiding and showing the divs, i added the sIFR.replace snippet that i copied from the sIFR-config.js. I haven't tested this on other browsers so maybe there will be some minor tweaks added, but perhaps this will help others as well. – Jeff Oct 13 '10 at 14:31
Ow, and here the tweaked Javascript snippet: <pre><code> if (form.naam.value == "") { document.getElementById("errorNaam").style.display = 'block'; form.naam.focus(); form.naam.style.background = '#ffffff'; sIFR.replace(futura, { selector: 'h7', wmode: 'transparent', css: [ '.sIFR-root {color:#f00001;}', 'a {color:##f00001;text-decoration:none;}', 'a:link {color:##f00001;text-decoration:none;}', 'a:hover {color:#2bb7f8;text-decoration:none;}' ] });</code></pre> – Jeff Oct 13 '10 at 14:34

Maybe call sIFR replace when the error message is triggered but add a very slight delay (like 5/1000 of a second)? Your solution might be the same as mine for a problem I had: sifr jquery slide conflict show

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