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I'm working on a project which I need to build a form depending on user's wish. Trying to explain better, suppose I have two buttons ('input' and 'output' button), if user clicks on input button an inputText appears in the screen, if he/she clicks on output one an outputText shows up. To do that, everytime some button is clicked, my bean build a xml file containing the components. For instance, if user clicks on input then output button I'll have this xml file:

    <component name='input'/>
    <component name='output'/>

Ok. Suppose I have an xsl file to allow the transformation to jsf. How can I make this transformation on the fly? I'd like practical aspects of how implement it.

I appreciate any help. Thanks, Paulo S.

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Why the asynchronous? Suppose you have a page with both forms and two links to scroll down to each form. Or better, apply CSS to show link as buttons and show/hide the forms. –  user357812 Oct 13 '10 at 15:08

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