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i have a scenario where i have to use the automatic calling functionality using VOIP (Diagrammatically).

I need a system or dialler that will automate the process of dialling and get response through the system. We need a tool that could be able to dial by itself (we don’t have any agent interaction) the given number and will provide the information after processing the dial.

We don’t need any agent interaction, we are supposed to be develop an application that will process an order online, and we need the confirmation with seller by text to speech process i.e. when the customer place an order on-line the system will check the availability of the order from the reseller and give the response to the customer.

Please, suggest the best..

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I can recommend you a solution that may fits to your needs. It is software product that can receive incoming calls automatically and answers them. This is an IVR system. There caller are received by a voice menu. So dealing with calls is perfectly automated. This system based on an SDK. You can find more information about IVR solution and a sample IVR system which is expandable: http://www.voip-sip-sdk.com/p_117-how-to-use-the-c-sip-softphone-source-implementation-of-ozeki-voip-sdk-for-dtmf-ivr-voip.html

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Take a look at the hosted voice application platforms: tropo.com, twilio.com, ifbyphone.com, anveo.com etc. They all have good web API's that allow you to initiate and process voice calls.

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