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I want to filter a datatable with a price range. I want to remove everything that is not between (for example) 2 and 7. In SQL I would do: NOT( price between 2 and 7). But in my filter expression I cannot use the keyword 'between'. What is the best solution?

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If you are referencing System.Data.DataSetExtensions (which enables LINQ for DataTables), you can do the following:

var query = myDataTable.Where(c => !(c.Price >= 2 && c.Price <= 7));
var myDataView = query.AsDataView(); // if you want to databind...
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You could try something like

dt.Select("Price < 2 OR Price > 7")

Just rember that

price between 2 and 7

is equal to

price >= 2 AND <= 7


NOT (price between 2 and 7)

is equal to

price < 2 OR > 7
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