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I need some help with a simple pattern matching and replacement exercise I am doing?

I need to match both of the following two strings in any string in a given context and it is expected that both patterns are to exist in a given supplied string.

1) "width=000" or "width=00" or "width=0"

2) "drop=000" or "drop=00" or "drop=0"

The values can be any values between 0-9 for each case so '000' --> '999' could a valid test case in a supplied test.

string url = Regex.Replace(inputString, patternString, replacementValueString);


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thanks for awesome and quick responses, 1+ to all. – IbrarMumtaz Oct 13 '10 at 14:40
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Have a look at this page to explain the individual elements:

A regex string like this should work great:


To read the name and value in your code:


If you do not need to limit the numbers to only 3 digits, you could use the "\d+" instead of "\d{1,3}".

The "\b" at the beginning will make sure that you don't get a "width" or "drop" that is part of some larger word. The "\b" at the end will prevent you from matching numbers larger than 999.

The "\s*" on either side of the equals statement allow for "drop = 000" as well as "drop=000".

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Something like this would work :

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