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Im still trying to embed a page in my admin site where I can let the user to change some global variables (like in wordpress) such as the site name, meta keywords, etc.

Apparently there is an app that does this but I cannot get it to work (Im using Django 1.3): http://github.com/praekelt/django-preferences

NOTE: I tried both from preferences.model import Preferences and from preferences.models import Preferences it still cannot find the Preferences object.

Many thanks!

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Make sure the preferences module is either directly in your application or is in the python path. –  Andrew Sledge Oct 13 '10 at 15:16
You're using Django 1.3? It's not even released yet (it's due for alpha release next Monday - djangoproject.com/weblog/2010/sep/30/…). –  Dominic Rodger Oct 13 '10 at 15:17

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The docs were incorrect, it should read:

from preferences.models import Preferences

I've corrected the docs.

As Andrew suggest though it looks like your problem is caused by the module not being correctly installed. If you don't mind installing it as a system wide module, run the following:

$ easy_install django-preferences
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