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Is there built in .NET functionality for making state abbreviations out of state names?

I know the function wouldn't be difficult to write, but I would assume that MS has thought of a more efficient way than the following x50:

if statename.tolower = "new york" then 
  statename = "NY"
else if

any other thoughts of making this more efficient are also appreciated.

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Please don't assume the .NET framework has everything, like state names; that isn't very important. If you keep using the .NET framework like a crutch, nothing good comes out of it. Sometimes you just have to roll it your own way. –  DMan Oct 13 '10 at 16:06
@DMan I was just curious if there was preexisting functionality out there. No need for me to reinvent the wheel. –  Jim Oct 13 '10 at 16:16

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if statename.tolower == "new york" then 
  statename = "NY"
else if

so if you are going to go this route I would:

  1. use a switch statement instead of if else switch(state.ToLower()). This will be more efficient than if then statements. The compiler will optimize the switch statement.

  2. If you absolutely must use an if then statement. Do

    string lowerCaseState = state.ToLower().
    if(lowerCaseState == "new york"){....}else if...

This way you are creating a lower case string once (strings are immutable) instead of each part of the if then statement.

In truth, I would probably use a switch statement with a static method.

  1. State names aren't going to change
  2. State abbreviations aren't going to change.

You could create an object to store the values to load them each time the program runs, but why? You might as well let the compiler optimize access for non-changing static values.

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I hope this helps

    public string GetState(State state)
        switch (state)
            case State.AL:
                return "ALABAMA";

            case State.AK:
                return "ALASKA";

            case State.AS:
                return "AMERICAN SAMOA";

            case State.AZ:
                return "ARIZONA";

            case State.AR:
                return "ARKANSAS";

            case State.CA:
                return "CALIFORNIA";

            case State.CO:
                return "COLORADO";

            case State.CT:
                return "CONNECTICUT";

            case State.DE:
                return "DELAWARE";

            case State.DC:
                return "DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA";

            case State.FM:
                return "FEDERATED STATES OF MICRONESIA";

            case State.FL:
                return "FLORIDA";

            case State.GA:
                return "GEORGIA";

            case State.GU:
                return "GUAM";

            case State.HI:
                return "HAWAII";

            case State.ID:
                return "IDAHO";

            case State.IL:
                return "ILLINOIS";

            case State.IN:
                return "INDIANA";

            case State.IA:
                return "IOWA";

            case State.KS:
                return "KANSAS";

            case State.KY:
                return "KENTUCKY";

            case State.LA:
                return "LOUISIANA";

            case State.ME:
                return "MAINE";

            case State.MH:
                return "MARSHALL ISLANDS";

            case State.MD:
                return "MARYLAND";

            case State.MA:
                return "MASSACHUSETTS";

            case State.MI:
                return "MICHIGAN";

            case State.MN:
                return "MINNESOTA";

            case State.MS:
                return "MISSISSIPPI";

            case State.MO:
                return "MISSOURI";

            case State.MT:
                return "MONTANA";

            case State.NE:
                return "NEBRASKA";

            case State.NV:
                return "NEVADA";

            case State.NH:
                return "NEW HAMPSHIRE";

            case State.NJ:
                return "NEW JERSEY";

            case State.NM:
                return "NEW MEXICO";

            case State.NY:
                return "NEW YORK";

            case State.NC:
                return "NORTH CAROLINA";

            case State.ND:
                return "NORTH DAKOTA";

            case State.MP:
                return "NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS";

            case State.OH: 
                return "OHIO";

            case State.OK:
                return "OKLAHOMA";

            case State.OR:
                return "OREGON";

            case State.PW:
                return "PALAU";

            case State.PA:
                return "PENNSYLVANIA";

            case State.PR:
                return "PUERTO RICO";

            case State.RI:
                return "RHODE ISLAND";

            case State.SC:
                return "SOUTH CAROLINA";

            case State.SD:
                return "SOUTH DAKOTA";

            case State.TN:
                return "TENNESSEE";

            case State.TX:
                return "TEXAS";

            case State.UT:
                return "UTAH";

            case State.VT:
                return "VERMONT";

            case State.VI:
                return "VIRGIN ISLANDS";

            case State.VA:
                return "VIRGINIA";

            case State.WA:
                return "WASHINGTON";

            case State.WV:
                return "WEST VIRGINIA";

            case State.WI:
                return "WISCONSIN";

            case State.WY:
                return "WYOMING";

        throw new Exception("Not Available");

public State GetStateByName(string name)
            switch (name.ToUpper())
                case "ALABAMA":
                    return State.AL;

                case "ALASKA":
                    return State.AK;

                case "AMERICAN SAMOA":
                    return State.AS;

                case "ARIZONA":
                    return State.AZ;

                case "ARKANSAS":
                    return State.AR;

                case "CALIFORNIA":
                    return State.CA;

                case "COLORADO":
                    return State.CO;

                case "CONNECTICUT":
                    return State.CT;

                case "DELAWARE":
                    return State.DE;

                case "DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA":
                    return State.DC;

                case "FEDERATED STATES OF MICRONESIA":
                    return State.FM;

                case "FLORIDA":
                    return State.FL;

                case "GEORGIA":
                    return State.GA;

                case "GUAM":
                    return State.GU;

                case "HAWAII":
                    return State.HI;

                case "IDAHO":
                    return State.ID;

                case "ILLINOIS":
                    return State.IL;

                case "INDIANA":
                    return State.IN;

                case "IOWA":
                    return State.IA;

                case "KANSAS":
                    return State.KS;

                case "KENTUCKY":
                    return State.KY;

                case "LOUISIANA":
                    return State.LA;

                case "MAINE":
                    return State.ME;

                case "MARSHALL ISLANDS":
                    return State.MH;

                case "MARYLAND":
                    return State.MD;

                case "MASSACHUSETTS":
                    return State.MA;

                case "MICHIGAN":
                    return State.MI;

                case "MINNESOTA":
                    return State.MN;

                case "MISSISSIPPI":
                    return State.MS;

                case "MISSOURI":
                    return State.MO;

                case "MONTANA":
                    return State.MT;

                case "NEBRASKA":
                    return State.NE;

                case "NEVADA":
                    return State.NV;

                case "NEW HAMPSHIRE":
                    return State.NH;

                case "NEW JERSEY":
                    return State.NJ;

                case "NEW MEXICO":
                    return State.NM;

                case "NEW YORK":
                    return State.NY;

                case "NORTH CAROLINA":
                    return State.NC;

                case "NORTH DAKOTA":
                    return State.ND;

                case "NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS":
                    return State.MP;

                case "OHIO":
                    return State.OH;

                case "OKLAHOMA":
                    return State.OK;

                case "OREGON":
                    return State.OR;

                case "PALAU":
                    return State.PW;

                case "PENNSYLVANIA":
                    return State.PA;

                case "PUERTO RICO":
                    return State.PR;

                case "RHODE ISLAND":
                    return State.RI;

                case "SOUTH CAROLINA":
                    return State.SC;

                case "SOUTH DAKOTA":
                    return State.SD;

                case "TENNESSEE":
                    return State.TN;

                case "TEXAS":
                    return State.TX;

                case "UTAH":
                    return State.UT;

                case "VERMONT":
                    return State.VT;

                case "VIRGIN ISLANDS":
                    return State.VI;

                case "VIRGINIA":
                    return State.VA;

                case "WASHINGTON":
                    return State.WA;

                case "WEST VIRGINIA":
                    return State.WV;

                case "WISCONSIN":
                    return State.WI;

                case "WYOMING":
                    return State.WY;

            throw new Exception("Not Available");

public enum State
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+1 for the effort. –  Jim Oct 13 '10 at 16:15
+1 for saving me some time. –  thiag0 Oct 26 '11 at 17:36
You're a wonderful, wonderful person –  attack Feb 8 at 4:39

You should use a Dictionary<String, String> with StringComparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase.

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I have never used a dictionary, can you explain further? –  Jim Oct 13 '10 at 15:21
var d = new Dictionary<string, string>{ –  boomhauer Jan 12 '14 at 23:42

Here is a tested C# function which takes the US state abbreviation and returns the full state name. It uses a dictionary method which is more compact than a switch. To answer your question, you can just exchange the keys and values.


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here's the one using Dictionary<string, string> –  localman Jan 11 '13 at 1:41
Yikes! That method rebuilds the Dictionary for every lookup. Hardly efficient at all. The Dictionary should be built once (or as-needed if more states pop into existence) and then queried multiple times afterward. –  Jesse C. Slicer Jan 11 '13 at 17:42

Nothing wrong with offered solutions here but I would like to suggest another option which, in my view, is a bit better. You could define the following Enum extension method which uses reflection and Description attribute to get the full state name:

namespace System
    public static class EnumExtensions
        public static string GetDescription(this Enum value)
            var fi = value.GetType().GetField(value.ToString());
            var attributes = (DescriptionAttribute[])fi.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(DescriptionAttribute), false);
            return (attributes.Length > 0) ? attributes[0].Description : value.ToString();

Basically this will allow you to do the following:

var stateName = State.AL.GetDescription();

Now all you need is to decorate your enumerator values with Description attribute:

public enum State

And the extension method will give you the full name of the state. If description is not defined it will give you the Enum value name for example for Alaska it would be AK.

This way you have a single piece of code that allows you to fetch descriptive values for any enumerator not just for states. All you need to do is define Description of Enum values that need to be more descriptive and the extension will do the rest.

NOTE: The extension has to be placed in the System namespace for it to work out of the box without having to reference it's namespace.

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This is how I plan on doing it. I already use this method for months. –  Louise Eggleton Sep 3 '14 at 17:20

A database with the state name field indexed (clustered index if that's the field you're going to search on most often) so that lookup would be efficient and a query returning the state abbreviation:

select s.[StateAbbreviation]
from [dbo].[State] s
where s.[StateName] = @StateName;

This has the benefit of being reusable across many applications and environments.

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Just tacking onto Homam's answer. I've got the switch statement returning states with standard casing.

        switch (stateCode)
            case "AL":
                return "Alabama";

            case "AK":
                return "Alaska";

            case "AS":
                return "American Samoa";

            case "AZ":
                return "Arizona";

            case "AR":
                return "Arkansas";

            case "CA":
                return "California";

            case "CO":
                return "Colorado";

            case "CT":
                return "Connecticut";

            case "DE":
                return "Delaware";

            case "DC":
                return "District Of Columbia";

            case "FM":
                return "Federated States Of Micronesia";

            case "FL":
                return "Florida";

            case "GA":
                return "Georgia";

            case "GU":
                return "Guam";

            case "HI":
                return "Hawaii";

            case "ID":
                return "Idaho";

            case "IL":
                return "Illinois";

            case "IN":
                return "Indiana";

            case "IA":
                return "Iowa";

            case "KS":
                return "Kansas";

            case "KY":
                return "Kentucky";

            case "LA":
                return "Louisiana";

            case "ME":
                return "Maine";

            case "MH":
                return "Marshall Islands";

            case "MD":
                return "Maryland";

            case "MA":
                return "Massachusetts";

            case "MI":
                return "Michigan";

            case "MN":
                return "Minnesota";

            case "MS":
                return "Mississippi";

            case "MO":
                return "Missouri";

            case "MT":
                return "Montana";

            case "NE":
                return "Nebraska";

            case "NV":
                return "Nevada";

            case "NH":
                return "New Hampshire";

            case "NJ":
                return "New Jersey";

            case "NM":
                return "New Mexico";

            case "NY":
                return "New York";

            case "NC":
                return "North Carolina";

            case "ND":
                return "North Dakota";

            case "MP":
                return "Northern Mariana Islands";

            case "OH":
                return "Ohio";

            case "OK":
                return "Oklahoma";

            case "OR":
                return "Oregon";

            case "PW":
                return "Palau";

            case "PA":
                return "Pennsylvania";

            case "PR":
                return "Puerto Rico";

            case "RI":
                return "Rhode Island";

            case "SC":
                return "South Carolina";

            case "SD":
                return "South Dakota";

            case "TN":
                return "Tennessee";

            case "TX":
                return "Texas";

            case "UT":
                return "Utah";

            case "VT":
                return "Vermont";

            case "VI":
                return "Virgin Islands";

            case "VA":
                return "Virginia";

            case "WA":
                return "Washington";

            case "WV":
                return "West Virginia";

            case "WI":
                return "Wisconsin";

            case "WY":
                return "Wyoming";
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This is technically off topic, but I'm picking if someone's after province 2 letter codes, then country is next. here's how you do it to get the 2 letter country codes, having first the country name:

    protected string GetCountryCode(string country)
        var v1 = (from c in CultureInfo.GetCultures(CultureTypes.SpecificCultures)
                  where (new RegionInfo(c.LCID)).EnglishName != ""
                  || (new RegionInfo(c.LCID)).EnglishName != null
                  orderby (new RegionInfo(c.LCID)).EnglishName ascending
                  select new
                      Code = (new RegionInfo(c.LCID)).TwoLetterISORegionName,
                      Name = (new RegionInfo(c.LCID)).EnglishName

        string code = v1.Where(t => t.Name.ToLower() == country.ToLower()).FirstOrDefault().Code;

        if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(code))
            return code;
        else return "";
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