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Up until Delphi 2007 I was using DelphiZlib 0.2.99 for decompressing gzipped files. In Delphi 2009 the library does not compile anymore. Besides the conflict with Delphi's own zlib.pas unit, the code generates a number of string-related compiler errors and warnings which I don't think I can fix without a close understanding of the library code. DelphiZlib code was last modified in the year 2000, and it does not seem to have been updated since.

What can I replace it with for Delphi 2009? All I need is to decompress *.gz files. This is for a freeware project, so I strongly prefer free-with-source solutions, but I'll consider commercial libraries too.

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Have a look at Abbrevia

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Works great and takes under 5 minutes to figure out. Thanks, Serg! – moodforaday Oct 13 '10 at 17:59

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