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If in Azure I wanted to write an application that accepted an XML file via HTTP Post, should I use WCF or just create a asp.net (web role) to accept the input?

Thanks Steve

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Purely a matter of opinion, but if receiving a file is the primary purpose, then this is more of a web service, and I would lean towards a service-oriented approach such as that offered by WCF.

A WCF REST service would probably be your best best, especially if you can use .NET 4.

EDIT (adding link): Take a look at this tutorial series that covers some of the HTTP Services enhancements .NET 4 brings to WCF


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Okay thanks for that - I'll look into using WCF, but from what I've seen isn't it overly complicated to use? –  Steve Oct 14 '10 at 8:43
WCF isn't that bad at all, its just very powerful. Its very easy to get buried in books/lessons that try to show you EVERYTHING WCF is capable of. Approach it just like ASP.NET and you'll be fine. I've edited the post with a link to (what I think is) a great tutorial on WCF HTTP (REST) Services in .NET 4. First few tutorials in that series should get ya up and running. –  Taylor Bird Oct 14 '10 at 15:28

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