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I'm porting my application from WPF to Silverlight. The biggest problem is that my application uses RSA encryption and Deflate compression, and both classes are not available in Silverlight.

I know that you can view the sourcecode of any .NET class using reflection, so would it be possible to just 'decompile' the RSACryptoService class, and re-use that code for Silverlight (provided the algoritm doesn't use any classes that are missing in SL)?

Or what would be the best solution? I know I can write my own RSA/Deflate algoritms, but it seems to make sense to re-use the source of the WPF classes when possible.

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I think most crypto classes in .net are just wrappers over native crypto libraries. And even if it worked it probably wouldn't be legal. –  CodesInChaos Nov 29 '10 at 18:52

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RSA in Silverlight: http://scrypt.codeplex.com

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DotNetZip has compression streams, and I think they are even binary compatible with the built in deflate stream.

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