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If I have fnc:

class AClass
    void fnc() const;

Am I supposed to provide const modifier in UML class diagram while listing this fnc or not?

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You are the only person who will identify your UML Diagrams details. So UML does not dictate(if it dicate who cares:-)) you anything... You can show it or not .

The real question is:

Why you draw that diagram? Who is your audience? [ Who will read diagrams]


For yourself or for your audience, is it necessary show that detail?What kind of benefit you gain?

Just Technical Info

In c++

Declaring a member function with the const keyword specifies that the function is a "read-only" function that does not modify the object for which it is called.

So ...

If fnc does not change anything on it ( it can change on Logger) It can be "labeled" as "querry".

enter image description here

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The syntax is actually a little convoluted, for example:

<< query >> -fnc()

The const can be represented as a stereotype (e.g., << query >> or «query» if you have a post-1980s computer )

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Though if executing the behaviour fnc leaves the state of the system unchanged, and being void returns no value, does it really happen? –  Pete Kirkham Oct 13 '10 at 19:01
@Pete yes this fnc writes a log. –  There is nothing we can do Oct 13 '10 at 19:11
Well, it's not so much the syntax. In the abstract syntax of UML, your just setting the flag that this function is a side-effect query, so the guillemots are just eye-candy in the textual representation. –  ShiDoiSi Jul 7 '11 at 16:06

If your function has side-effects like writing a log-file, it is not a query in the UML-sense. From the "UML Superstructure 2.3", Sec. 7.3.36 "Operation":

isQuery : Boolean Specifies whether an execution of the BehavioralFeature leaves the state of the system unchanged (isQuery=true) or whether side effects may occur (isQuery=false). The default value is false.

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That would depend on what "the system" is supposed to be. I would assume it refers to the software being described, in which case it would be appropriate to use here. –  qid Jul 7 '11 at 19:02

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