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I have an AutoCompleteTextView with a MatrixCursor as an adapter. The AutoCompleteTextView has a OnItemClickListener as follows:

public class AutoCompleteListClickListner implements OnItemClickListener
    private AutoCompleteTextView acView;

    public AutoCompleteListClickListner(AutoCompleteTextView view)
        this.acView = view;

    public void onItemClick(AdapterView<?> parent, View view, int position, long id)
        /* tv is the selected view in the dropdown */
        TextView tv = (TextView) ((LinearLayout) view).getChildAt(0);
        Log.d(AndroidLogTag, "Before:>>>>" + this.acView.getText().toString());
        Log.d(AndroidLogTag, "After:>>>>" + this.acView.getText().toString());

When an item is selected I see following in the log

10-14 00:34:37.893: DEBUG/MyApp(19151): Before:>>>>android.database.MatrixCursor@4643e388
10-14 00:34:37.912: DEBUG/MyApp(19151): After:>>>>Ankit V Jain

If you see the log, the Before log entry, the getText() returns a SpannableStringBuilder object and toString() of it returns some object identifier.

How do I get actual text of the auto-complete view which was there just before clicking drop-down item?

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try casting SpannableStringBuilder to CharSequence

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Well, there is always another way (dirty or best) in code.

I added a TextWatcher to the AutoCompleteView and used beforeTextChanged() event to record text content and reuse that in onItemClick() !

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