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i'm trying to assign a done-event to the upload_complete_handler for swfupload, unfortunately nothing happens.

in my settings i have:

upload_complete_handler : function(){ 

all parameters seem correct, i've already tried deactivating my upload script. any idea what could be wrong?


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I had been looking for something to redirect after all upload complete. And based on your question this works fine immediatelly. So this code is OK except handler type -

  • upload_complete_handler is for every file (after upload),
  • queue_complete_handler is after all files complete.

    ... upload_success_handler : uploadSuccess, upload_complete_handler : uploadComplete, queue_complete_handler : function(){window.location.href="/your address";}

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I believe that you have to render something (output some text/HTML or even nothing with at least a 200 Success response) for the upload_complete_handler to fire. Are you outputting anything or are you just doing something with the file?

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