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I have a directory structure setup like:


From Tornado, I want to serve js, css, and libs as static directories, but I can only find out how to serve one of them. Can this be done?

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No its not possible.

You could ofcourse create a new folder -- parent, and place js, css and libs inside of that folder, and then speciy that parent folder as the 'static_path'

nb. "In production, you probably want to serve static files from a more optimized static file server like nginx"

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As Schildmeijer quoted from the Tornado website, I recommend using Nginx to serve static files. Having this setup early on is very convenient and easy. This also allows you some other potential benefits in the future:

  • Using Nginx for load balancing
  • Using Nginx to handle SSL
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+1 for mentioning ssl handling –  Schildmeijer Nov 11 '11 at 12:47

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