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I reference to CSSDoc specification and want to generate comment documentation from css file. The first thought used phpdocumentor tool. When execute phpdoc -o HTML:frames:default -f main.css -t docs command, i got "File not parsed,not a php file" error message. Please tell me how to generate documentation from css file by auto-documentation tools. Should be used Doxygen,JavaDoc tool or write a new parser with existing tools. Thanks~~~~

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i find github.com/imedo/css_doc tool. Have other tools in php? –  DonaldIsFreak Oct 14 '10 at 2:46

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I'm working on a tool that has no dependencies and you just point your master stylesheet at it.


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If you need to write a new parser, you may want to try this PHP package parsing HTML, XML, DTD and CSS. They return tokens for each element of the parsed document. From then on you can wrap your own parser to treat each of the CSS elements.

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