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I have a PHP installation running 5.3.3 and when I use the code below:

    $sql = file('sql.txt');

All my single quotes are escaped. Why would this be happening. Magic quotes is enabled on the server (for some reason, it is out of my control) however I thought that magic quotes was only applied to GET POST COOKIE and REQUEST? I there something else I am missing here with the latest PHP?

Any ideas?

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magic quotes shouldnt be the problem, I've tested the same code in the same configuration and works like a charm, no backslashes. If you have no option, use stripslashes() –  David Conde Oct 14 '10 at 5:32

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magic_quotes_runtime causes this. Thankfully, this "feature" is off by default, but apparently it's enabled on your server.

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From php.net:

If magic_quotes_runtime is enabled, most functions that return data from any sort of external source including databases and text files will have quotes escaped with a backslash.

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