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i just upgraded my iPhone 3GS to iOS 4.1 and also downloaded the latest Xcode 3.2.4 and iOS sdk 4.1....i was working on an application on previous sdk iOS 4.0 but now when i build the project with new sdk xcode says No Provisioned iOS Device is i need to install a new provisioning profile for the project?? i cant figure out why xcode wont build the application??

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Is this an incremental upgrade or a clean restore? –  BoltClock Oct 14 '10 at 8:36

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If you set up a new iPhone and did not restore it from a backup, your profiles have been lost. You need to reinstall them. Of course, you can use the same one again, as your unique device ID (UDID) does not change with a software update.

Connect your device, open the Xcode organizer (Windows -> organizer or Cmd+Option+O), select your device and click "Use for development". Then you can add your provisioning profile again.

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