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I've read this link here, but this guy is doing a one off copy from 1st normal form to 3rd, so that's not what I'm doing: StackOverflowPosting

I am going from 3rd normal form to 3rd normal form, pretty much the same design, on a daily basis, only copying hte new data.

Example Data


  • ParentId
  • Created Date


  • ChildId
  • Created Date
  • FK_to_ParentId
  • Child Data


  • GrandChild1Id
  • FK_to_ChildId
  • GrandChild1Data


  • GrandChild2Id
  • FK_to_ChildId
  • GrandChild2Data

So Far, I have

  • A DataFlow that will pull back all the Parents after a certain Date.
  • A DataFlow that will pull back all the Child Tables created after a certain date, with a lookup to find the 'new' FK in the new database.
  • Now I need to pull back grand child1 and so on, but I don't want to pull them'all' back,
    do a look up, and throw away the ones I already have, I only want to pull
    back the ones I need.

Any Ideas?

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In the end, I've just used a inner join using Date and time where available, but when I get the data, I have to do a lookup to find the 'new' FK Id to put in the child & grand child tables. Which means the data for Parent, and Child still needs to contain the 'old' ID, but that is ok. so for a Child table, you end up with something that looks like this:

Data Source -> Lookup using the current FK on the parent table to find the new parent's PK, adding in what makes it unique [replace the FK with the PK you just found] -> data store.

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