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HI all,

Im having a strange thing. Im having a code that was working that doesnt anymore. To me, I think i didnt make any changes...Can someone give me an idea what is wrong ?? I'm trying to publish a text with an image and a link using the attachment method of stream.publish.

here is the code :

            Bundle myParams = new Bundle();
            myParams.putString("message", "Je publie un TEST.");

            String attachment="{\"name\":\"Gran Turismo 5\",\"href\":\"\",\"caption\":\"Sony Computer Entertainment\",\"description\":\"Une vidéo proposée par Cedemo.\",\"media\":[{\"type\":\"image\",\"src\":\"\",\"href\":\"\"}],\"properties\":{\"Autre lien\":{\"text\":\"Cedemo\",\"href\":\"\"}}}";

            mFacebook.dialog(Example.this,"stream.publish",myParams, new PostSampleDialogListener());

What is happening is that I am getting only the "Message" text published on facebook and nothing about my attachment... There is no error code returned by the function. I dont understand, this code has been working before...


You have to You have to use the function URLEncoder.encode to encode your parameters. Example : myParams.putString("attachment", URLEncoder.encode("{\"name\":\""..... ))

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The attachment variable need to be URL Encoded !!

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