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This is my Makefile:

REBAR_COMPILE=$(REBAR) get-deps compile

all: compile


    $(REBAR_COMPILE) skip_deps=true eunit

    -rm -rf deps ebin priv doc/*

    $(REBAR_COMPILE) doc

ifeq ($(wildcard dialyzer/sqlite3.plt),)
    $(REBAR_COMPILE) build_plt analyze
    $(REBAR_COMPILE) analyze

I can run make compile multiple times and get

aromanov@alexey-desktop:~/workspace/gm-controller/lib/erlang-sqlite$ make compile
./rebar get-deps compile
==> erlang-sqlite (get-deps)
==> erlang-sqlite (compile)

However, for some reason running make test always gives

aromanov@alexey-desktop:~/workspace/gm-controller/lib/erlang-sqlite$ make test
make: `test' is up to date.

even if the files are not compiled. The question is, why?

Running the same command directly works:

aromanov@alexey-desktop:~/workspace/gm-controller/lib/erlang-sqlite$ ./rebar get-deps compile skip_deps=true eunit
==> erlang-sqlite (get-deps)
==> erlang-sqlite (compile)
Compiled src/sqlite3_lib.erl
Compiled src/sqlite3.erl
==> erlang-sqlite (eunit)
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Maybe you have a file/directory named test in the directory. If this directory exists, and has no dependencies that are more recent, then this target is not rebuild.

To force rebuild on these kind of not-file-related targets, you should make them phony as follows:

.PHONY: all test clean

Note that you can declare all of your phony targets there.

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Yes, I do. Thanks! –  Alexey Romanov Oct 14 '10 at 10:18
brilliant, thanks –  digitaldreamer Jun 28 '13 at 17:42
I had a directory called build and another called lib. In hindsight, these are not perfect target names. Ugh.....make. –  MattD Oct 15 '13 at 20:35
*Where all, test, and clear are your makefile target names –  ThorSummoner Apr 27 at 17:05

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