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I have to make a combo box in an html form & receive its selected value in a php script. I have a piece of code from the Internet. It has text box & dropdown list side by side. After the user enters a value in text box, the value goes into a list that the user has to select again.

I need to have the text box on top and the list below it. If I use a <p> tag to break the line for the list, the code stops working. I want the options entered by the user to become a permanent part of the options and selected as the default in the list once the user enters a value in the text box. One more question in connection with this is, as I have to put this in a form on an HTML page, where would I put the JavaScript script, in the head or the body?

Here is my piece of code:



top: expression(this.previousSibling.offsetTop);
left: expression(this.previousSibling.offsetLeft);
width: expression(this.previousSibling.offsetWidth);
position: absolute;
clip: expression("rect(auto auto auto " + (this.previousSibling.offsetWidth - 20) + "px)");
overflow: hidden;


<script language="javascript">

var oNewOption = null;

function AddListItem(oInput) {

var oSelect = oInput.nextSibling;

if (oNewOption == null) {
oNewOption = document.createElement("OPTION");

oNewOption.text = oInput.value;
oNewOption.value = oInput.value;


<form id='Form1'>
<input id='txtInput' type='text' onkeyup="AddListItem(this)"/><select>
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You don't have to scream... ;) – red-X Oct 14 '10 at 9:40
Word of the day is: the – Andy E Oct 14 '10 at 9:41
Frankly, you're best off using a prebuilt solution for this rather than rolling your own. Search for "auto-completer", you'll find a bunch. Misc notes: 1. Unless you want this to only work in IE, don't use CSS expressions. 2. Where you put the script tag is up to you. It does not need to be in the head. One std place is just before the closing body tag, so it doesn't hold up page rendering. 3. You've omitted the head element in your code (which you're allowed to in HTML5, horrifying as that is). 4. Use a DOCTYPE. FWIW. None of which actually answers your question, hence commenting. – T.J. Crowder Oct 14 '10 at 9:44
Re: JS placement - Javascript should be in an external file whenever possible. – Ben Oct 15 '10 at 6:35

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