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I am writing a text editor in eclipse and added a console view to it for displaying the error messages and warnings. With the FileLink Class and MessageConsole.addHyperLink method i have successfully added a hyper link to the console which navigates to the corresponding text editor file in the Eclipse workbench. I want to navigate to the line where error occured in the text editor in the eclipse workbench.

FileLink fileLink = new FileLink(file, null, 0, 100, 300);
console.addHyperlink(fileLink, 0, 5); 

With this, the hyperlink is added to the console and when I click on the hyperlink i was redirected to the corresponding file in the text editor in eclipse workbench. The problem is I am not redirected to the specified line no(300) in the file. The text from the offset 0 and till 100 in the file is selected on the first line instead of line number 300. Could any one help me on this issue please?

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