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I have created a Shell Extension using ATL COM Object . But during creation I haven't added MFC support. Can I change the setting now to add MFC support

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Yes, but I believe that doing this won't auto-add all the required headers and #defines - of course, you could try this first, and check to be sure.

If that does not work, you could use 'File->New->Project from Existing Code' to create a new project in your solution that uses both MFC and ATL, using the code in your original project. You would have to include any custom settings from your current ATL-only version, but if you let a new precompiled header be created in the new project, it should have all the MFC and ATL bits you need turned on and included.

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Yes, there is a knowledge base article that says how to do this. In short, you basically have to add certain #includes and create an application object, along with some plumbing.

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