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I wonder if anyone could point me in the direction of an English dictionary download (free).

I do NOT want:

  1. Spelling check dictionaries
  2. Links to websites that don't provide me with an actual dictionary
  3. Dictionaries in some weird format

I want something like a notepad or SQL script that has the following simple format:


In case you are wondering - I am going to create an acronym creator.

Thanks in advance.

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Actually what you describe is awfully similar to a spelling check dictionary (i.e. a list of words without actual definitions) –  Paul Dixon Oct 14 '10 at 12:16

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UK english or US english? :-) What you might want to look for are Scrabble word lists -- either TWL (Tournament Word List) for US or SOWPODS for rest-of-the-world word lists. You can obtain both here.

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Here's a nice collection of links to get you started: http://wordlist.sourceforge.net/

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Been there and specifically asked for no random links –  Dan B Oct 14 '10 at 21:19
One man's "random" is another mans "page entirely focussed on providing downloadable dictionaries" :) It's still a useful link for anyone else coming across this question, perhaps you should describe why the dictionaries listed there don't fit your needs? –  Paul Dixon Oct 14 '10 at 21:57
I haven't been able to find what I am looking for via this website. –  Dan B Oct 18 '10 at 7:45

Check if these free resources serve your purpose -

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1. - Download the SQL Server database zip file. 2. - In any database, run the CREATE syntax for the 'word' table: CREATE TABLE word ( wordno int NOT NULL, lemma VARCHAR(80) NOT NULL ) (update types for your database). 3. - Run the SQL, 'Insert_data_word.sql'. VOILA! A word list. Thanks, @mvark for these links. –  MAbraham1 Jan 2 '12 at 4:49

You can download the dictionary from the following url


which I get the information from the thread


Regards, Andy.

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To whom that gave a downvote to my answer, what is the problem, care to explain? –  cherhan May 21 '11 at 14:07

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