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I know the following model code is not correct: as models get loaded only on server boot, time "constants" are loaded at that time only, too.

class Article < ActiveRecord::Base

  def expiring?
    if (self.enddate - <=


What do I have to correct how, so that the time values get evaluated everytime "expiring?" is called?

Thanks for your help!


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Unless I'm missing something I don't see anything wrong with the code you've given. will get evaluated every time expiring? is called. I'd probably shorten to:

def expiring?
  self.enddate >=

For a named scope you'd need to put it into a lambda so it does get evaluated every time (this sounds like the question you're actually asking):

named_scope :expiring, lambda { {:conditions => ["enddate >= ?", ] } } 
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Thanks! That answers everything! – TomDogg Oct 14 '10 at 15:30

Models are loaded on server boot, but methods are called when they are called. If you're talking about, then isn't ever going to change (unless they change the number of seconds in a day) so you don't need to worry about that only being 'loaded' once.

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Thanks for your quick answer! I was only referring to: (self.enddate - So, if I'm not mistaken, this must be corrected only if we're talking about "named_scope"s in models...? – TomDogg Oct 14 '10 at 13:15
if (self.enddate <=

Could this be the solution ?

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