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Is it possible to save a multidimensional ArrayList to the Properties.Settings? I get errors when i try to.

If not, is there any other way i can save some sort of multidimensional thingie to the Properties.Settings?

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Ah, I remember fighting with Properties.Settings... never a fun battle :(. The quick and dirty option would be to use different separator characters to do a string "serialization" (in quotes because a real serialization would be much better about handling edge cases etc.). Something like this:

int[][] myArray = GetArrayFromElsewhere();
string stringVersion = string.Join(";", myArray.Select(subArray => string.Join(",", subArray)));
Properties.Settings.StringVersion = stringVersion;

You could also use esoteric Unicode characters instead of ; and ,, so as to avoid accidentally splitting a string, and you could use a loop (or probably recursion) to generalize this to any number of dimensions.

But, this is of course a quick and dirty workaround. The real solution would be to do some sort of serialization of the multidimensional array. You might be able to get away with just some simple XmlSerializer or BinaryFormatter or even JavaScriptSerializer code---actually, I think the last of those might work really well---but if you need to get more complicated, this question discusses a similar solution for a hash table, with lots of gory details.

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