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I'm looking for a way in EclipseLink to have two @DiscriminatorColumns on the same entity

My PostreSQL DB table is:


And classes are:

@Table(name = "dictionary")
public class DictionaryRow implements Serializable;

public class DictionaryAttribute extends DictionaryRow;

public class DictionaryAttributeName extends DictionaryAttribute;

What I'm trying to achieve is that when I call for DictionaryAttributeName it will be resolved to SQL like:

select * from DICTIONARY where info_type = 1 and object_type = 0

But actually, it takes the DiscriminatorColumn from the DictionaryRow class, and DiscriminatorValue from the DictionaryAttributeName, resulting in the totally wrong SQL:

select * from DICTIONARY where object_type = 1

Is there a solution for this issue?


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According to the JPA 2.0 specification, this is not possible:

11.1.10 DiscriminatorColumn Annotation

For the SINGLE_TABLE mapping strategy, and typically also for the JOINED strategy, the persistence provider will use a type discriminator column. The DiscriminatorColumn annotation is used to define the discriminator column for the SINGLE_TABLE and JOINED inheritance mapping strategies.

The strategy and the discriminator column are only specified in the root of an entity class hierarchy or subhierarchy in which a different inheritance strategy is applied.


  • JPA 2.0 Specification
    • Section 11.1.10 "DiscriminatorColumn Annotation"
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