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I have a button with a transparent background on a wpf window.

Problem is, when I open up another window with a .showdialog the form becomes disabled as does the button, causing the button to go white (and stick out like a sore thumb); the same happens to the listview and textbox controls. Labels and group boxes aren't impacted in this way and remain looking fine.

How do I preserve the transparency color of the button, listview and textboxes when they are disabled?

Thanks, Rob

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Can you post your XAML? Are you using custom styles or templates? –  bendewey Dec 26 '08 at 4:07

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I'm not sure what your button template looks like, I would recommend posting your XAML. But check out the MSDN Docs on Button Templating

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Thank you, that put me on the right track –  Rob Dec 26 '08 at 13:49

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