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If I understand correctly, I can use nServiceBus as a "framework" and / or a wrapper around RabbitMQ My preference of RabbitMQ is being able to use it on linux machines


I have an application that enables people to upload images. These images will require thumbnails.

Our application is predominantly asp.net (c#)

My idea is to do the following:

  • upload the full size images to S3 (or whatever storage service)
  • create a "message" that has input storage key, output storage key, width, height - and add to queue.
  • there will be a linux server acting as a worker (windows licensing constraint) that reads the messages from the queue, and does the actual resizing
  • new image will be placed on S3, defined by output key of received message

I could use Amazon SQS i suppose, but I wanted to explore the possibility of nServiceBus with RabbitMQ for transport.

Does anyone have any further info on doing this? I saw this on GitHub: http://github.com/machine/machine.mta/tree/master/Source/NServiceBus.Unicast.Transport.RabbitMQ but was wondering how this could be used?

What would your preferred way of approaching this be?

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Alex, I use SQS very often, but there are other services that could be useful for you. You may Google 'Cloud Message Queue' and find plenty of those.

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<shameless_plug> You might want to look at EasyNetQ too. It's written specifically as a .NET API for RabbitMQ. It works fine on Mono too.

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Please note you should be careful about presenting your own project as an answer if the user has not explicitly asked for recommendations (and such questions end up getting closed/deleted nowadays when they are found, anyway). In this case, the OP was asking about how to use a specific API he had already found. –  Andrew Barber Oct 9 '12 at 10:15

May be this project can give your idea where to look further

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I had already included this in my question.... –  Alex Oct 18 '10 at 10:17

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