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I am trying to transform an xsl + xml to xml (for later on transforming it into a pdf using FOP library). The JDK I am using is 1.5, and there is no way I can use another (that is what the company I work in is using). I read that the xalan jar of java 1.5 is the one responsible for the error. The text that causes the error is:



  <xsl:variable name="paramName" select="@name"/>
    <xsl:variable name="xpath"
      select="concat('/doc/data/',$paramName)" /> 
        <xsl:value-of select="dyn:evaluate($xpath)"/>

is there a way arround it without changing the jar? Is there a way to write it differently? or am I using the wrong syntax?

Thanks for your help

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evaluate() is an EXSLT extension function. It is non-standard, but many XSLT processors, including xalan, support it.

Have you declared the dyn namespace prefix in your stylesheet, so that it correctly references the EXSLT dynamic namespace?

<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"


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