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Hello my fellow programmers,

I have a problem (other than not knowing enough) I need to know how to pass an array from outside the scope to then back inside, in a function which then echo's a specific array index.

I have trowlled through the net trying to find solutions, asked fellow programmers for help but nothing thus far has worked.

inside an include file I am creating the array:

$errmsg[0] = 'the message is too short, please enter more than 10 charaters.';
$errmsg[1] = 'the message is too long, please enter less than 1000 charaters.';

I then go on to serialize the array to keep it stored.

$e = serialize($errmsg);

Then inside another include file I create my function.

function contact($e) {
    echo unserialize($errmsg[0]);

Lastly in the main index.php file I callback the function.


Now this of course does not work and if any kind soul could put me on the right track or even give me the solution to fixing this I would be greatly appriciative.

If you need any further information from me please say.

p.s. I have now finished work for the day so my responses wont be until later tonight GMT.

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function contact() {
    global $e;
    $unserialize =  unserialize($e);
    echo $unserialize[0];


Better would be:

$errmsg[0] = '...'; $errmsg[1] = '...';

$e = serialize($errmsg);

function concact($e) {
    $array = unserialize($e);
    echo $array[0];

// now maybe: contact($e);
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Worked a charm, :) cant believe all I was missing was calling back the serialized array as an normal array and then echo'ing it back. Thank you very much for your help. –  zealisreal Oct 15 '10 at 8:23

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