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I am having issues sending mail from my server, when I type in phpinfo() I get this:

Mail:     /var/spool/mail/frank 
_ENV["MAIL"]:    /var/spool/mail/frank 

The php file that I'm using the Mail function in is owned by Apache and has 775 permissions. Inside /var/spool/mail there is no apache file, but there is a file for every other user on the box. Do I need to change the php.ini? Or can I add in an apache file (perhaps duplicate the frank file and then rename)?

Any advice can help!

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/var/spool/mail is where incoming unread mail is stored. There would be an 'apache' file only if the apache account has received mail.

Have you looked inside the MTA's log (usually /var/log/maillog) to see what's going on? If PHP's properly sending mail, there should be an entry in there for the mail being en-queued and what happened when the MTA (postfix/sendmail/exim/etc...) tries to forward it onwards.

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Thank you for your info :) this was helpful –  Doug Molineux Oct 14 '10 at 17:06

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