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my work colleague is asking me to send a build so that he can install the application on his phone to test it. I need to send this application to him today. a build that is. not the actualy project just the correct files needed so he can install it on his iphone.

Heres what I've done. Ive added his UDID to a new device in the provisioning portal. then i created a new provisioning profile with my app id.

On the provisioning portal there is an option in the profile section next to that new profile i just created where i can download the profile onto my desktop.

What do do from here?

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Follow the steps on the portal to creating an ad hoc build and certificate.

Look at the following link, will require login to Apple.


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Craig Hockenberry gives an excellent write up on beta testing with ad hoc provisioning here as well: http://furbo.org/2008/08/06/beta-testing-on-iphone-20/

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Use TestFlight: I've blogged about Getting mobile app builds to your customers which includes a brief tutorial with screenshots on how to use TestFlight.

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