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How do I do this?

function myUIEvent() {
    var iCheckFcn = "isInFavorites";
    var itemSrc = ui.item.find("img").attr("src");

    if (eval(iCheckFcn(itemSrc))) { alert("it's a favorite"); }

function isInFavorites(url) { return true; } // returns boolean
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You might want to start by writing syntactically valid code. You're missing a closing brace somewhere in there. –  Matt Ball Oct 14 '10 at 17:44
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Don't use eval(), first of all.

function myUIEvent() {
  var iCheckFcn = isInFavorites;
  var itemSrc = ui.item.find("img").attr("src");

  if (iCheckFcn(itemSrc)) { alert("it's a favorite"); }

Functions are objects, and you can assign a reference to a function to any variable. You can then use that reference to invoke the function.

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cheers! thanks for the explanation too. –  FFish Oct 14 '10 at 17:49
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The best way is what Pointy described, or alternatively you could just do this:

if ( window[iCheckFcn](itemSrc) ) {
  alert("it's a favorite");
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