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Can any one give The Example php code for connecting and getting a sql stored proceedure

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what do you prefer to use? Here is an example taken from

$mysqli = new mysqli("localhost", "my_user", "my_password", "world");

/* check connection */
if (mysqli_connect_errno()) {
    printf("Connect failed: %s\n", mysqli_connect_error());

$query  = "CALL get_items(1, @param1, @param2); "; 

/* execute multi query */
if ($mysqli->multi_query($query)) {
    do {
        /* store first result set */
        if ($result = $mysqli->store_result()) {
            while ($row = $result->fetch_row()) {
                printf("%s\n", $row[0]);
        /* print divider */
        if ($mysqli->more_results()) {
    } while ($mysqli->next_result());

/* close connection */

remember, that you have to free the resultset, if you do not, you will get an error while executing a next query.

Before I know something about mysqli, I apply mysqli to handle sp's. Just take a look at the follwing example:

$rs = mysql_query("CALL get_items(1, @param1, @param2); ");
$rs = mysql_query("SELECT @param1, @param2" );
while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($rs))
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Calling a Stored procedure with PDO

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can you demonstrate a simple example code, please – Linto P D Oct 14 '10 at 20:43
The link above has a ton of example code, Did you visit the link? – Phill Pafford Oct 14 '10 at 20:49

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