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I am trying to use a very simple buttonlist. When the page loads everything is fine, the selected value is selected and it looks right.

the problem starts when i move the mouse over the button, as soon as i leave the button, the ui-active-state class gets removed - the aria-pressed attribute is still set to true, but the styling is gone.

So of course, I fired up firebug and took a look.

In jquery.ui

.bind( "mouseleave.button", function() { if ( options.disabled ) { return; } $( this ).removeClass( hoverClass ); })

is getting called 2x, the second time hover class is equal to 'ui-hover ui-active-state' which is obviously the problem, i just have no idea why.

any ideas?

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The key actually ended up being a rogue watermark plugin. It cause jquery ui to process both the label and radio button individually.

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so how did you fix this problem? – snowgage Dec 23 '13 at 20:02
We changed out the watermark plugin we were using, thus jquery ui worked as designed – Josh Feb 14 '14 at 16:37

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