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I'm looking for a 3d engine (for games). I prefer C# with .net or Mono but C++ would also do it if I don't find anything for C#. I want to code programs for Windows and Linux. iPhone/Android would also be interesting for other projects.

So far I found these engines (C#):

  • Axiom - This one seems pretty fair and since it's a C# port of OGRE3D it should offer basic function (I'm quite a beginner in 3D so I don't need much functions). It's Windows and Linux :), don't know about Mac, It's Open Source
  • Unity - I think the engine itself is written in C++, but I'm not sure. But you can write the game in C# :) and JavaScript. It's Windows and Mac and some other platforms like iPhone, ... but no Linux. And I don't know how much you can do in the free version. It's not open source
  • XNA, it's for Windows only but there is MONO.XNA but I think this project is dead.

Are there some other engines I could use in C#?
Axiom seems to be what I need. Someone got experience with Axiom? Which one would you choose?


Edit: It would be cool if the program built with the engine/framework doesn't require any runtime program installed (except .net or mono) As far as I know you need to install XNA to run XNA applications. :(

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Mono.Xna is unfortunately very dead. I would help to resurrect it if I had the relevant know-how. – Callum Rogers Oct 14 '10 at 23:08

Look at OpenTK for a good baseline OpenGL graphics library. Documentation is here as well as a similar post from GameDev.

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Check out Irrlicht Engine.

I think it has everything you are asking for (Opensource, platform independent, etc. ). I only used it for a small project in the past, but I know it has a very good renderer system. The engine doesn't have a Level Editor itself but you buy it as an add-on application.

For Irrlicht/Mono integration, look here.

For iPhone/Android, I think your best bet is going with Unity. As you stated, it isn't open source, but I have found nothing easier than this spectacular engine.

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IrrlichtNetCP is not actually a good option if you're looking for .Net support and cross-platform. I tried getting it to work on Linux, but the only "support" it has is a very simplistic makefile that fails to build. Obviously, Linux support was only an afterthought. – Zauber Paracelsus Oct 17 '15 at 1:25

Just a wild suggestion, but you could try to do it using the canvas-element in html5. You'll be able to do the same things as you can using C++/OpenGL, but using JavaScript directly in the browser. Of course you wont be able to get it to perform quite as well as you could using C++, but portability will be great; no frameworks to install and anyone with a browser (regardless of OS) can play it.

Here's a couple of great tutorials

Dont forget that you'll get the good and bad parts of being bleeding edge...

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Well, if that is the case you better go with Unity, it is super powerful and can deploy games using a web plugin (Linux included). But, if I understand correctly the question, games on the browser are not an option. – Daniel Rodriguez Oct 14 '10 at 20:55

The Qt framework fully supports OpenGL. It's C++. It's not exactly an engine, but you may be able to plug in some other engines into your source.

I am new to Qt as of a few weeks to a month ago, also coming from a heavy C# background. There were some hurdles are first (mostly compiler-based head scratchers) but beyond that I have completely fallen in love with it. I tried things like Java and Python when I was looking to go cross-platform, but Qt is where I settled.

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I was once a great fan of OGRE - maybe it's worthwhile to check if MOGRE is supported on Mono.


Well, I checked, and it says that it isn't :( . Guys are recommending AXIOM instead.

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