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I’m currently doing some work involving optimization of session-related code. The code I work on uses a state server approach in a web farm environment. I want to deeply understand what happens session-wise when a request occurs on the server.

So far I’ve found two great articles on the matter:

Does anyone know of other articles that would help me understanding better the inner workings of session state management? I would really like to find an article that talks about the on-demand deserialization mentioned in the first link above.

Thank you in advance !

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You may also want to look at . From there you can also look at some older versions. It also leads so some other important links and have enough examples as well.

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Thank you but I'm looking for something that explains what happens "under the hood" when one uses an OutOfProc session state mode (among other things, I'd like details on the deserialization/serialization process that occurs on each request upon certain conditions). Your link is good but only provides an overview on how to configure/use session. – Jay Oct 15 '10 at 11:54

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