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I have a white-labelled Rails app that allows me to create a variety of different new websites, each with their own TLD, but all powered by the same app. It's an ecommerce app so all orders are processed on a single, different TLD.

For example, I might have three TLDs:

and orders are processed on

Domains a through c are basically marketing mini-sites where takes the orders. All four domains are powered by the EXACT SAME Rails app using the host name to decide what content to present.

The problem is, if I set any sessions or cookies on domains_a, b or c that I MUST read on I CANT due to cross-domain security restrictions.

Since all these domains are part of the same app on the same server, I'm wondering if there is a piece of Rack middleware or the like that I can use to store cross-domain data that all four domains can read?

Thank you for the help.

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