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I had created the script below but the cordinate is not working right. please see my scripts and let me know what is wrong with my scripts. thanks

/*mcc is the Instance name*/

var myMovieClip:Sprite = new Sprite();
trace("x" + mcc.x + "y" + mcc.y + "width" + mcc.width); 1, 0xFF0000 ); 0, 0, mcc.width+1, mcc.height+1 );;
myMovieClip.x = -(mcc.x/2);
myMovieClip.y = -(mcc.y/2);
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How exactly is the coordinate not working right? What is the result you are seeing from this script? – ktdrv Oct 14 '10 at 23:07

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would need to know more about mcc looks like we're assuming that mcc has the content centered instead of the top right corner of mcc being at [0,0]

Try using the getBounds method instead.

something like this... though I haven't tested it

var bounds:Rectangle = mcc.getBounds(this)
     bounds.width+border, bounds.height+border
myMovieClip.x = (mcc.x);
myMovieClip.y = (mcc.y);
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thank you, it is working now, i used the getBounds and set the myMovieClip.x = (0); . It doesn't make sense but it works good now.

Anyway, the mcc could be anything, event rotate angle too.

 var  border=1;
 var myMovieClip:Sprite = new Sprite(); border, 0xFF0000 );
 trace("getbound on mcc" + mcc.getBounds(mcc));
 trace("parser" + mcc.getBounds(mcc).y)
  trace("getbound on this" + mcc.getBounds(this));
  trace("Other x " + mcc.x + " y " + mcc.y + " width " + mcc.width+ " height " + mcc.height);
 var bounds =mcc.getBounds(mcc),,bounds.width+border, bounds.height+border);;
 myMovieClip.x = (0);
 myMovieClip.y = (bounds.y)/2;
 trace("New bound" + mcc.getBounds(mcc));
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