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I'm looking for the best way to pull info from the datastore into a list (with the intention of outputting to ReportLab to generate a pdf). Is there a way to do it besides looping through the output, and creating a list from it?

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Per the source fetch() returns a list:

Returns: A list of db.Model instances...

The results of that query will look something like this:

[<models.YourModel object at 0x02641B30>, 
<models.YourModel object at 0x02641B70>]

And then to get certain attributes of the model instances you'd do something like this:

values = [(model.name, model.type, model.source) 
          for model 
          in models_returned_from_query]

I don't know of any further shortcut for the above.

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Unfortunately I need the results themselves, not just the object instances. For ex: [['john', 'cat', 'store'],['charlie','dog','shelter']] –  etc Oct 15 '10 at 0:44

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