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I used

to create my sqlite db file. I created it as a sqlite db version 3 file.

When I go to open the connection

Dim Connection As New SQLite.SQLiteConnection(DATABASE_FILE_LOCATION)

I am getting this exception on the Open() call

"File opened that is not a database file file is encrypted or is not a database" (System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException) Exception Message = "File opened that is not a database file\r\nfile is encrypted or is not a database", Exception Type = "System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException"

What is the issue here? Here is my file file location constant:

Private Const DATABASE_FILE_LOCATION As String = "Data Source=C:\Users\Scott\Desktop\Projects\Funds\Program\BudgetManager\Main.s3db;Version=3;"
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you could adapt this c# to vb:

private void showTables()
   SQLiteConnection cn = new SQLiteConnection("Data Source=myDatabase.db3");
        DataTable tables = cn.GetSchema("Tables");
        Console.WriteLine("I have {0} tables", tables.Rows.Count);
   catch (SQLiteException ex)

Does your database have a password? You can tell database you have a password by changing the string:

SQLiteConnection cn = new 

Always remember to double check if everything is installed ( and you have right permissions on this database file.

If you are sure file is not encrypted, reinstall

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No PW on the Database and it doesn't even pass the Open() command. – Scott Oct 15 '10 at 1:03
I hope it is not a corrupted database, versions mismatch. You could try to see if you have all up to date SQLite ADO.NET Provider, latest SQLite-X.X.XX.X-setup.exe, also try this SQLite Odbc Driver. Also check this out – Junior M Oct 15 '10 at 1:12

use this code:- This code runs perfectly for me

Private Sub CreateDatabase()

    Dim con As SQLiteConnection
    Dim cmd As SQLiteCommand

        'Create a new database connection
 Dim CONNECTION_STR as String = "Data Source= yourdatabase.sqlite;Version=3;New=False;"
        con = New SQLiteConnection(CONNECTION_STR)

        'Open the connection

        'Create a new SQL command
        cmd = con.CreateCommand()
        MsgBox("Database Created Successfully")
        'Cleanup and close the connection
        If Not IsNothing(con) Then
        End If
    End Try

End Sub
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