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I'm looking for a 2d framework with such things as layers/particles/screen manager/sprite batch/parallax/etc coded in c++ out there? I'm looking for somethings that doesn't necessarily have graphics, because I want to add it on to airplay sdk. Or something I can easily rewire to do the graphics through airplay.

EDIT: I found what I needed: cocos2d was potted to c++ and airplay sdk (cocos2d-x). Thanks for the answers anyways!

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It may be a bit to hands on, you seem to be looking for more an engine, but you could definetly use http://www.libsdl.org/ for what you've requested (2D screen manager), also is quite an easy stepup to using sprites.

It may just be a bit more work than a simple plug and play or 'rewire'.

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Check out Cairo Graphics, it is 2D engine with multi layer support, and it can output to both screen and PDF.

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The best option is to use SDL libraries. HERE you can find an example using a 3D engine. The structure is applicable to a 2D game using cocos2d-x

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Can you describe what do you exactly want to do? I guess you may find these helpful

Wiki - Game engines

Wiki - another list

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http://oxygine.org is exactly what you need. It is open source modern hardware accelerated 2D C++ framework for mobile and PC platforms. Features: OpenGLES 1/2, compressed textures, atlases, complex animations/tweens/sprites, scene graph, fonts, event handling, build tools, and others. Can be built on top of SDL2.0 or Marmalade SDK.

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